CrimethInc. Barnstorming Summer Update, Portland Zine Symposium


In case you’ve been out of the loop — and we wouldn’t blame you if that’s the case — there is this great little thing happening this summer called CrimethInc. Summer Barnstorming, and if you want to be involved, simply go to its web site and check out all the info, and itineraries. For a little background, I suggest you check out these recollections from last years tour and convergence. On a completely separate note, some of us folks from CrimethInc. Far East will be journeying down to Portland from Olympia to attend the Portland Zine Symposium. It will be on the Portland State University campus in downtown Portland from August 1-3; there will we workshops, discussions, massive tabling from the independent press, film screenings and many things I know nothing about. While some of us potentially will be involved in some workshops, feel free to stop by our table anytime and ask any questions you want about making zines, printing, writing, design, or… We’ll have the usual books and zines to sell and give away, along with free stickers and posters, and we will be debuting a new poster/zine that will be free at the symposium, code named CrimethInc. Gender Subversion Kit #69-B. See ya there.