Cookbook Update, Sabatour Annoucement


Recipes for Disaster has been out for about two months now, and we’re still waiting to have a free moment to catch our breath. It has been warmly received (warm as in the fires of the sun) and that reception has kept us busy. Thanks to everyone who has spread the good word on the book—keep it up. Very belatedly, we’ve made a half-page ad available for those who wish to deploy it.

The first news about the upcoming Sabatour has been posted… we’ve added a new pamphlet to our downloads section, a handy print version of our recent feature, “Twelve Myths About Direct Action”… we just got the third printing of Off the Map back from the printers, and we’re happy to announce it is printed with newly-available 100% post-consumer recycled paper… and finally, the Umalut discography got a great review from Acquarius records, click here and scroll down a bit to check it out.