Convergence Imminent; Requiem and Spectacle Albums and Tours to Follow


Our latest experiment, the Adventurist Convergence, occurs this week in Bloomington, Indiana between July 14 and 18. To participate, simply show up at the Monroe County Public Library (303 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN 47408) on Thursday (July 14); an agent there will redirect you to the campsite. If you’ll be arriving at another time, or have any other needs or questions, email Volunteers are urged to come early to help prepare the campsite and assist in other ways. We also still need help providing food for everyone, gathering gifts to offer at Saturday’s Really Really Free Market, and doing just about everything else.

Requiem has just finished recording their upcoming album, Storm Heaven, which will be released in August along with the new album by their sister band, The Spectacle. You can download a Requiem song here; for a foretaste of the forthcoming Spectacle recording and a listing of all the dates the two bands will play together on their joint tour of Europe from August to October, visit Before and after that tour, Requiem will tour the US; for a listing of those shows, click here.