Summer Convergence on the Horizon, Community Watch Stickers, and We’re Outta Here


This summer, the fifth CrimethInc. convergence will take place in Winona, Minnesota from July 26 to 31. A core group of locals will work hard all summer to prepare the ground so this event can both contribute to the host community and enable participants from around the world to trade tactics and forge connections. Click here for more information.

In other news, to honor and assist those working to make their neighborhoods safer and more welcoming, we have printed a new sticker identifying Community Watch Areas and discouraging police activity within them. Please apply these as part of a larger program of promoting accountability among community members as well as resisting the encroachments of occupying armies. In conjunction with these stickers, we now have a page given over entirely to the study of the lowest form of life, the law enforcement agent.

And last, but certainly not least, we’re thrilled to announce that CrimethInc. Far East is leaving Olympia, its home for these past five years, and moving back to delightful downtown Salem, Oregon. The ancient among you will remember a Salem PO Box on the first issue of Harbinger, and we’re excited to be moving back to the city that played host to our first bits of real living. We’ll be moving at the beginning of May and don’t anticipate more than very minor delays in day-to-day operations including sending out orders and FFOL requests. Any mail sent after May 1st should be directed to our new mailing address. We believe in the potential of this sleepy little town on the Willamette, and hope through the next years to help Salem realize its great radical potential as we realize our own. Thanks Olympia, Hello Salem!