CrimethInc. Into Libraries: Progress Report #2


It’s been a couple years since our last progress report for the CrimethInc. into Libraries program, so it seemed like a good time to do an update. All of the numbers are up an average of 43%, though we’re a little sad to see Expect Resistance so under-represented; we suspect the economic crisis—that has resulted in record-low library budgets this last year or so—might have something to do with it. Here are the current numbers:

Current Availability (click on number to see list of all libraries with book):

Days of War192 Libraries

Recipes for Disaster — 57 Libraries (22 here, 20 here & 15 here)

Expect Resistance28 Libraries

Evasion — 112 Libraries (74 here & 38 here)

Off the Map62 Libraries

These numbers are great, and you can be sure almost every single one of these books was the result of someone requesting the library to acquire it. Of course, there is much room for improvement, so keep up the good work folks, and don’t forget: each request makes the next request more likely to be filled, so keep at it!