Test Their Logik Second Full Length: “Be”


Canada’s premier anarchist hip hop outfit Test Their Logik have been notorious ever since they caught conspiracy charges for supposedly inspiring the rioting at the 2010 G20 summit with an incendiary rap video. Since their no-contact orders were dropped, the duo have roamed the earth from their hometown of Toronto to the streets of Cairo and the islands of the Pacific Rim, performing their firebrand breed of revolutionary rap. Last year, they released the best diss track on the 2012 elections. Wherever it’s going down, they’re on the front lines.

“We ain’t your ordinary criminals—not in it for the loot”

Now they’re back with their second full length. The backstory should give you an idea of their sound. This is an eerie, menacing, hypnotic record, tense like a standoff, explosive like a riot. They’ve finally got the polished production to match their rugged sound: the beats are frenetic and the singing on the hooks is fantastic. They come as relentless as ever with the politics, speaking from where they stand in the heart of anti-capitalist, ecological, and indigenous struggles. The 18 tracks clock in at a full hour–and that sample of Glenn Beck struggling to pronounce their name never gets old. Buy the record here.

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