Global Solidarity: Against the States and the Militarization of the Planet


A Video Presentation with Speakers from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia


With the Anti-Authoritarian Movement Athens and Nosotros EKX, we co-hosted a video presentation in which anarchist organizers from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia speak about how people are experiencing and resisting the invasion in each of those countries, and what solidarity could look like elsewhere around the world.

The presentation itself begins at 3:30, after a classic song from the Spanish Civil War, performed by The Ex.

The speakers include Salem in Kyiv, a libertarian socialist and a founder of Operation Solidarity; Yana, a Russian anarchist and a participant in the support campaign for the targets of the Network Case, an entrapment operation carried out by the FSB, the Russian secret police; and Ivan Taratuta of the Anarchist Black Cross in Belarus.

How to Help

Donate here to OVD-info, an independent news source about protest movements in Russia.

Donate via Paypal to the Anarchist Black Cross in Moscow:

Donate via Paypal to the Anarchist Black Cross in Belarus:

For anti-authoritarian news sources in Russia, start with You can also consult the Anarchist Militant website. Meduza and Open Democracy offer coverage of post-Soviet policy in Russia, as well.

As of July 5, 2022, Operation Solidarity has suspended operations and is directing people to other projects, as you can read about here.