Poster: We’ll Go Where Flowers Grow


In response to the efforts of various fascists and billionaires to silence and isolate us, we present this poster in the romantic tradition of the first generation of CrimethInc. projects—a gesture of faith in the boundless possibilities that remain ahead of us and of determination to continue to build and rebuild the ties that connect us. Our collective predates the era of social media. We have lived through many waves of repression, many setbacks. Our enthusiasm remains undimmed.

Click on the image to download a PDF of the poster to print and distribute.

We’ll Go Where Flowers Grow

Their attempts to silence and separate us—to make us vulnerable to repression and attack, to hold us back and keep us down—will never be more powerful than our love and joyous anarchy.

When they isolated us in our homes and towns,
we found and built communities online.

When they kicked us out of class and put us in detention,
we carved love letters and memoirs into the wooden desktops.

When they cut the power to our basement punk shows,
we screamed without electric amplification: “Rather be alive!”

When they shut down the abandoned warehouses that we had brought back to life,
we partied in the desert and in underground storm tunnels using generators.

When they evicted and abandoned us,
we built networks of mutual aid and community self-defense.

When they dismantled our pirate radio station,
we installed a bigger antenna and sailed farther out to sea.

When they banned us from social media sites,
we reconvened on decentralized and encrypted platforms.

If ever you think you’ve lost me, just go where flowers grow. I will too. And we’ll always find each other again.

— Love and joy
CrimethInc. Star-Crossed Romantics